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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

and never the twain shall meet...

Boots: Target. Socks: Don't recall. Skirt & cardigan: Gap. Button-up: Some nice tailor-man in Germany. Necklaces & hair-thing: gifted. Belt: Pocket's. 

Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed hippie + preppy + glam + backwoods + schoolgirl + some-other-look-that-I'm-forgetting-but-that-obviously-play-a-role-in-this-ensemble-too? Wonder no more. And, now that you can spit out THAT space-consuming wad of mental chewing gum, your mind is free to explore other interesting realms...

...such as why WOULD that chicken ever cross a road? Obviously, its coop and entire social network, not to mention its nest and food, are all right there. Really, people, their crossing the road makes no sense. So, yes, you're free to ponder topics such as this now. You're welcome.

Today's jumping-off point: striped cardigan. I haven't worn it in months, maybe years, because it's a little oddly shaped, and the colors are a bit too much that's-what-little-girls-are-made-of-sugary for my normal persona. Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how I could tone down the sickly-sweet pastelliness without making it seem totally out of place in an outfit.

Baby blue button-up ties in the pastel but doesn't cater to an aura of newborn-babe. Green floral pencil skirt courteously nods to the mint green in the sweater but brings in an interesting, more grown-up print (not to mention turns the green into more of an olive/forest hue). Overdo the accessories, bring in some brown leather (who am I kidding? like my boots are real leather...) to ground the whole look, and add my favorite above-the-knee socks. Because it's cold. And they're grey. And warm. And not tights. (Nothing against tights [love them!], but it was time to change things up a bit.)

Unexpected and Maybe Awesome: the double braids in the hair. A mildly sophisticated twist on a classic girl's hairdo. For some reason, I love how this turned out. 

Know what else I love? Getting through a post without any Editor's notes. Again, you're welcome. Man, I'm just so generous today, I can hardly stand it.

Happy Tuesday.


Natasha Atkerson said...

Very cute outfit! I love the mix! I'm pretty bad at mixing patterns (I'm trying though!)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Laura said...

this is my most favoritest yet. very cute. it helps that you have the best body to pull of ANY look Brit! not really fair for the rest of us. aw well. anyway, love the look. oh, and do you have scarf-tying tips please?

Righteous Republic said...

Love the hair. Love the layering of patterns. LOVE the layering of necklaces. You are adorable. 'kay, I'm jealous.
<3 Kali

P.S. Can I have that blue button-up?

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so wonderful!

Lovely blog!



Brandilyn said...

i like this!! your blog is freakin' adorable & so are you. of COURSE i'm down with being added to your blogroll!! thanks for stopping by mine!

Kiki said...

Super super super cute outfit. I LOVE!!! :) :)

Ashley J said...

I love this mix and match outfit!!! It totally works and I am digging the double braids in the hair look too.

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