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Monday, December 27, 2010

So...you're SAYin' there's a chance?!

Shoes: don't recall. Jeans & turtleneck: Gap. Belt: F21.

It all started this morning, as I lay in my flannel-sheeted bed thinking about how comfortably toasty I was and wouldn't it be glorious to stay that way all day? (Answer: Yes. Yes it would.)

Alas, we're hosting a family gathering at our house tonight, and even though I had an excellent alternative idea to move the whole party into the bedroom and I could hostess from the comfort of said toasty bedding (an idea to which, when voiced hopefully by myself, Pocket didn't even respond. Just kept on whistling in the shower like I wasn't being serious or something. I was.), it appeared that I had to make a get-dressed decision. But what could I wear that would simulate toastiness AND be party-appropriate?

Dare I wrap myself, toga-style, in my penguin-and-polar-bear-printed flannel sheet all day? I have belts enough to keep it G-rated...or PG, tops. But my tentative hopes were sufficiently dashed as the whistling in the shower continued, uninterrupted. Drat.

Enter: the turtleneck. Although I've mentioned how I'm shaped a like a broad-shouldered box, I thought it might work if I added a skinny belt about mid-height. [Editor's note: After seeing today's pics of myself, I don't love this look, toasty or not. But now I'm committed.] Kept the hair up-and-out in a topknot bun because it serves three purposes: (1) I'm lazy and didn't want to "do" my hair today (heh), (2) I'm readily available as a librarian fill-in, which are probably in high demand this time of year, and (3) even though reason #1 is sufficient, I actually didn't want to lose all view of my neck in a forest of hair.

Pair everything with a pair of dark trouser jeans (that admittedly don't fit very well anymore...sometimes "wearing what you own" can be a downer when things don't fit!) and some animal-print flats. I love an accessory or two, but what with the super-shiny belt, I wanted to keep things basic. Which is why I stuck with simple diamond stud earrings and, of course, a single silver bracelet. For security. Because I'm 5 and can't go anywhere without it.

Happy Monday.


val said...

everything looks cute on a tiny body. how fun for you! ;)

A Slip Shop said...

LOVE the top-knot! Cute Britt. And I'm glad you admit that your trousers, while cute, are about four sizes hanging on you and since you have such nice legs...I'd like to see more of them! :)

A Slip Shop

Keely said...

You're so cute! I thought I was the only crazy fashion blogger in town. So glad you found me. You look fab in red!

shealennon said...

I don't know why bedding as daywear isn't more readily accepted, but I love your party hosting idea! Haha. Anyway, I love the belted turtleneck--I think it looks great!

Sarah said...

ha ha been there done that....but it was a toga part so the sheet was totally accepted by all. Take that all you uncomfortable clothes wearing people!


I think your simple and classic accessories are so elegant! It all works. I especially like the topknot with the turtleneck. Function AND cuteness!

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