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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Boots & belt: Kohls. Tights: F21. Skirt & denim jacket: Gap. White tee: Don't recall. Scarf: Smiths Marketplace. Bracelet & barrettes: gifted.

Today's jumping-off point was comparable to those synchronized divers in the Olympics. Well, kind of. Actually...not really. Here's the deal: just because one thing (i.e., diving. Specifically diving with talent. Not the will-she-cannon-ball-or-belly-flop kind of diving I tend to entertain all pool-goers with) is super cool doesn't necessarily mean that it will be twice as cool if it's doubled in exact replication and judged accordingly. Despite what those old double mint gum commercials would have you believe.

Except in the case of synchronized diving. Because, really. Kind of incredible.

Wow. Tangent. Anyway. Basically, I had two equally exciting jumping-off points, each of which held their own in this we've-all-seen-something-like-this-before kind of outfit. Guesses? No? That's probably because now you're thinking about that one time where that one synchronized diving team got robbed and it cost them a medal and you were so mad you spit your sunflower seed shells at the TV. No? Just me? Oh, okay.

Oversized salmon-colored bracelet & houndstooth
scarf. I love love love love love. [Editor's note: On the scarf, I found this sticker from the manufacturer: "Softer than cashmere?" The question mark kills me. C'mon, marketing department! Be bold! Your future in scarf sales just might depend upon it, and you've worked too hard to throw it all away with a punctuational slip of the proverbial tongue.] [Assistant Editor's note: Wha?...]

I like how the houndstooth is b&w and will go with anything. As a classic pattern itself, I decided to pair it today with another classic color/texture combo--denim & khaki. I also added a wide black pinstripe belt (that originally came with this skirt) for waist definition. And I thought the pinstripe would add a little class to the fairly casual look. I was deciding between black or red tights, and I finally decided on red because (a) they're actually more orangey than red, and (b) I therefore thought they would add a little boost, backup-singer-style, to the bracelet.

Tall black boots and a little color in the hair, and we're done here. Overall, I like it. Highly functional and comfortable. Although some people (my mother included) might wrinkle an eyebrow at the denim-to-church decision, I'm okay with it. Feel like it was upgraded a bit with a little accessorization. [Editor's note: I have GOT to stop making up words. My excuse is that I'm just too lazy to rewrite a sentence to make an actual word work... Please accept my apologizations.]

[Assistant Editor's note: That was Editor's idea of a joke. At least you don't work here. Pity me.]

Happy Sunday!


Ana Paula from Get Craftin {crafts and a little fashion} said...

How adorable are you!! Love the pop of red in the tights. I have some myself and just love it!!

Dylana Suarez said...

You look super cute! Love the look and colors on you!

Lovely blog!



Kelly said...

I love all of your barrettes! I looked back in the archives but I thought it would be a little weirder to comment on something like months old so I picked the newest post to comment on instead :)

Anywhoo, I've been having a hair crisis lately and my front bits have been waving up funny so I have to pin them back. But I don't have a lot of barrette experience and I didn't realize how hard it would be to find cute ones! So I am glad you are here for barrette inspiration!

Kyla said...

Thanks so much for your comments and for sharing your blog with me. It's looking good! I love the colors in this outfit and I always have such a soft spot in my heart for jean jackets :)

Dana said...

I love your poses! They are so cute :)

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