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Sunday, January 9, 2011

black turtleneckishness

I missed church today...didn't want to spread the strep-love. But I think I'm over the throat-on-fire hump now, and I know I've milked the sympathy, so... I won't bring it up again. Pinky swear.
shoes: head over heels. tights: don't recall. skirt & turtleneck: gap. belt: taken from a skirt from kohl's. necklace: gifted.

Today's jumping-off point was on the hit-list from yesterday's closet purge: turtleneck. I almost purged it because it has an awkward length--can't really be worn with a belt or without one. (And you know me and my belt love... "unbeltable" is pretty much a death sentence in my closet.) But I didn't WANT to toss this shirt.

Here's the thing about turtlenecks: ridiculous name. And they have a bad rap. (No offense, but I think schoolteachers in general have singlehandedly over- and ill-used this item of clothing to the point of its becoming an eye-rolling brunt of jokes and mocking. Like the Christmas sweater.) But still. I happen to like a turtleneck. Just like I like Def Lepard. Can't explain it, and some of you may never visit this blog again because of it. All I can say is...pour some sugar on me.

(ahem) I paired this black necky-neck with a brightly patterned skirt (the reverse side of this one) and added a chunky wooden necklace. So it wouldn't seem so stuffy. And so dark. Because, a turtleneck causes a looooootttt of unbroken mass-o'-black [Editor's note: An abyss, if you will.] [Assistant Editor's note: Oooh, abyss! Good word.] on a body's top half, especially if that body is also broad shouldered and built like a box. Like mine.

So. Wear the skirt a little higher-waisted than normal, add a wide belt, some thick (but not opaque--too much color-chunkiness already, what with the turtle) tights, and brown heels. I like their stitching and buckle detail, but I think booties would look cute here too. I was tempted to pull my hair up today like I did here, but it just kind of fell into this 'do. And I don't like to fight with my hair. Because it usually wins.

Happy Sunday.

Want this look?    skirt    turtleneck


Dina's Days said...

I actually love turtlenecks, and think they do get a bad rap as well. Sure, sometimes they can be extremely unflattering but they aren't all that bad. Every time I think of a turtleneck though, I do think of my 1st grade teacher and how she wore her necklace underneath the turtleneck, where all you could see was the charm dangling from underneath the flap.

alltumbledown said...

You look adorable in this, glad you didn't purge it. I have but one turtleneck and feel a bit strangled in it.. but this is inspiring me to pull it out!

Julie said...

I hate turtlenecks. I want to like them but really I dislike them very much. They make me feel like I'm choking.

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