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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My discussion will be limited today. And by limited I mean virtually nonexistent.
 shoes: candies brand. pants: gap. v-neck: banana republic. cardigan: gifted. bracelet: don't recall. belt & headband: f21. necklace: gifted/don't recall.

I'm not feeling this outfit. Like, at all. Okay. Hang on. *breathing through my nose and finding the positive vibes within* One thing I DO like about it is the skinny-striped cardigan paired with the wide belt. There. It's not a total bust.

But these pants are on my closet purge hit-list. I love them so, but they just don't fit my body. And I think I'm mildly depressed about that. And when I realize I'm losing an old favorite pair o' pants, I can't be funny, or even chatty or small-talky, like, not even the lamest "how's the weather?" kind of small-talkish.

I can only drown my sorrows in a steaming cup of spiced cider and curl up with my CB2 catalogue that just came in the mail and be inspired by awesome color combos. [Editor's note: That actually sounds heavenly. Maybe I'll get pants-induced depression more often...] 

Speaking of being inspired, you know what else is inspiring? The total kid-joy that my 6-year-old son had yesterday when he lost a tooth at school. He was #1 School Dude for awhile there. And THEN we found a tooth our puppy lost last night, so it was like the best day on the planet for him that BOTH "boys" lost their teeth on the SAME day. Like twins. 'Cept even better than twins, because one of them I can lock in a crate if he's being too crazy. And the other's just a puppy, so...

(I'm KIDding. It's practically always our puppy who gets crated.)

Happy Wednesday.

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Want this look? (Really? You do? Huh. That's odd awesome.)     striped cardigan    leopard print flats    wide leg pants


heidiluxe said...

here's the deal, i am totally digging these pants. i don't think you can purge them until you've done some fun spring/summer things with them. tall wedge shoes and i flower pin with a frilly top. flowing hippy blouse and gladiator sandals. please. for me. keep them.

Elissa said...

Ohmygosh, this was too funny! I just stumbled onto your blog through another style blog, and I love it. I think I have the same wide-leg pants and also have difficulty styling hem. Glad I'm not the only one who finds them awkward. But I dig how they look with your cropped sweater - the proportions are great. I say keep 'em!


Tyrelle said...

Would those pants be long enough for me? Then if you miss them so much I can give them back? And you know they will be going to a good home. Because they are super cute! Yes?

Brandilyn said...

aah your comments are always hilarious!! i love it! and i love this cardigan, the colors are so cute on you!!

alltumbledown said...

Closet purging is healthy.. and frees up space for newer, better things!
alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

Katri said...

I think it all looks great...but I understand with the whole not fitting thing. I will imagine an outfit and then go to the closet...and it doesn't work out because it doesn't fit right! lame! good luck though :)

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