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Thursday, January 13, 2011

are you sitting down?

There's not a belt to be seen on this outfit. I know. It's like a shift in the Force.
 boots: target. socks: smith's marketplace. tights: f21. skirt & tee: don't recall (no labels anymore). cardigan: rue 21. necklace: gifted. watch: citizen brand. belt: nope.
I don't want to become predictable or stale, so I opted for beltlessness today. Then sealed the deal for unpredictability by doing some weird unexpected poses. You're welcome.
So, actually, I'm going to be honest with you all: I did have a belt on. For about 3 minutes this morning. But then I looked at myself and decided it was too much. And back on the belt hanger it went, to party with its macho belt friends and flirt with the scarves (you ask her. no, YOU ask her...). Anyway, for me, that's Unexpected and Maybe Awesome.

Jumping-off point: this skirt. On the closet purge hit-list because I never wear it because it's too big. WAS too big, I should say. Because this morning I took in the side seams. 10+ years of hanging in my closet practically unworn, and it took about 4 minutes to fix. That's mildly embarrassing. I love how the plaid is diagonal in front straight in back of this skirt. And the colors. They're fun and bright and a deliberate tongue-out-thumbs-in-ears gesture to Old Man Winter with his nasty ice ice and more ice outside.

Which probably isn't a polite way to treat the elderly, come to think of it. But sometimes the elderly aren't as innocent as they might have us believe. Case-in-point: Old Man Winter, who's actually probably the weird brother-in-law of Mother Nature, behind whose back they all talk at nature family reunions.

Wow. Let's refocus, shall we? Skirt is great. White tee alone would've sufficed in spring/summer, but I added a cardigan because it's (ahem) cold. [Editor's note: Yes, I think that's been adequately established in the duration of this post, along with my personal feeling toward said temps...]

I like the layering of colored tights, long grey socks, and boots on my legs for some reason here. And, always, the pop of color in this salmony necklace. Which I've worn here and here.

Sooo...I'm dying to know. Do you secretly wish I'd worn a belt with this? Be honest.

Happy Thursday.

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Want this (kind of) look? plaid skirt   cardigan   tights


Jilliebeanie said...

Though I am a despicable creature of habit, I did not cry over the beltlessness. Ok, maybe there was ONE leeeetle tear.

Naw...ya look great, girl!

Ashley J said...

I think it looks perfectly fine without the belt...dare to be different!

Brittany Rae Munk said...

I want to wear belts with everything & I always think my outfits would look better if I just added a belt. sooo I think a thin belt would have looked great with the outfit, but if you wouldn't have mentioned it, I wouldn't notice. (and maybe i think that just because I also have addictions with belts?)
I love the white with white cardigan too!


Morgan@Meet Virginia said...

Hey Brittney! I found you from the sisters 4 and love your blog!! I was wondering where did you get that ahmaze white and blue rug in your shots? Soooo cute!!



Elissa said...

I think it looks perfectly fine without the belt. The cardigan gives your waist enough definition; no belt needed. I love your gray socks with the colored tights and boots!


Kiki said...

I think it looks great without the belt! It's a really cute outfit and the skirt is awesome :) I think the real question is...do YOU wish you had secretly worn the belt? hahaha just kidding ;)

Jess said...

I do quite love that skirt. It's a perfect match with the necklace and tights! I think it looks great without a belt, too.

Katri said...

I really like that skirt. Glad you fixed it! And the pop of color? AWESOME! plus the socks and boots combo. seriously just love it. and I don't think it needs a belt...but I'm just now jumping on the belt bandwagon :)

Julie said...

I loved belts, then hated belts, and now I'm slowly adding them back into my wardrobe. Personally I think this looks great sans belt. There's a lot going on with the outfit already, a belt would have been too much in my opinion.

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