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Sunday, January 16, 2011

confession: today's other posts were pre-programmed

 Sorry about today's post-overload. But here's what I wore to church:
 shoes: mudd brand. tights: gifted. dress: ralph lauren. shirt & flower hairthing: gifted. necklaces: don't recall. watch: citizen brand.

I loved this outfit today. I love how I didn't wear black shoes, which I normally would've (because of a black skirt) but for some reason didn't. I love how I wore a button-up over a wrapdress. And tied it. I love how the colors don't match but "go." I love the random bits of hairness--braids, bun, barette, headband, flower--that are numerous but not in-your-face. I like the purple tights and the mass of necklaces.

Not like I think I'm so cool or whatever. I just happen to like how this ensemble is entirely Unexpected and Maybe Awesome and exemplifies the whole "method to my madness" thing.

Speaking of madness: my stomach is growling. I'm off to eat.

Happy Sunday. Again. But for real this time.



Kiki said...

I LOVE this outfit. A ton. Everything about it is great. Seriously. I love it. :)

Manuella said...

i love your style but i also likle your hair do in this post:) kisses


Sasha said...

I like the hairstyle:)
thanks for the comment!


H Ravi said...

cute oufit ... love the tights =)

When u have time check out my blog www.mylyfe-mystory.blogspot.com

Beth Ann said...

Love this look. :)

Cassandra said...

I LOVE this look! It has just the right amount of whimsy with the purple tights and little flower in your hair. :) So cute!

Julie said...

I've been trying to pull off the purple tights for a while. You've given me a new idea. Thanx.

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