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Monday, January 17, 2011

ode to a zigzag scarf

 shoes & shirt: american eagle outfitters. jeans: so brand. nude cami: motherhood maternity (yep. i have 3 of these, diff colors. nope, not preg.) scarf & bracelet: f21. belt: pocket's. 

Ode to a Zigzag Scarf. But Not Just Any Zigzag Scarf. MY Zigzag Scarf.

My zigzag scarf is awesome
I wear it all the time.
It turns a look that's boring
Into one that's super fine.*
(*Maybe not totally true, but I had to rhyme. Stay with me.) 

I love its zigzag pattern,
Going this way, going that.
It's long enough to hang down
To my legs...I look less fat!

The brightly colored pattern
Goes with everything, amen.
I hope it's not too weird
To call 'im Zigs, my New Best Friend.

(Except that's not exactly true
'Cuz Pocket's Number One.
On date night took me shopping,
even though he hates shopping, and bought me these jeans from my needs list and even pretended to have FUN!)

Happy Monday!

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Cee said...

What a cute scarf, and those jeans fit you beautifully! Lovely look :)

Kiki said...

I love that scarf..it makes me jealous. :) And also, you are a great poet haha ;)

Ashley J said...

Yay, I love your cheery rhyme, made my Monday!

Alexis Kaye said...

Love it!

Giveaway on my blog today! :) http://abeautifuldaytobealive.blogspot.com/

Cassandra said...

That scarf is AMAZING! (But not nearly as amazing as your rhyme.) Don't you just love F21?

Katri said...

awesome jeans! glad you can check one thing off your list!!


Julie said...

I think I need your scarf. I bought one similar at Target. I thought of you when I picked it out. Love the poem too. You're so lovely, friend.

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