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Monday, January 3, 2011

just another manic monday

 boots: target. jeans: so brand. cami & cardi: vintage. tunic & bracelet: F21. belt: pocket's.

Bad news, guys. I'm kind of having a closet crisis. Like, I want all new stuff and am creating a mental shopping list of, conservatively speaking, about 5.3 million items. And they're calling my online username and credit card number. Must....fight....urge....

(ahem) But that's neither here nor there. [Editor's note: I'll tell you what IS here, though: freezing-cold-icy-subzero temps. Well, not actually subzero. That was an exaggeration. But it FEELS like 80 or 300 below. So. Just roll with it.] Today's jumping-off point: this striped tunic. Last time I wore it, I amped up the coloration with some blues and purple. But I think the iciness around me crept into my brain and froze part of it so I can only think in b&w. Which could be good OR bad (for example, Bad: those old tiny static tvs. And mimes. Good: It's a Wonderful Life. And black licorice with something white. Like my teeth. Eating it.).

But even though the starting piece was b&w, I actually wanted to go less stark-contrasty today. More along the lines of grayscale. Hence the grey skinnies and default ivory cardigan ("default" because the length seemed good paired with the tunic, and it was a solid non-color).

To warm up the wintery tones a bit, I added some neutral earthy brown via belt and boots. Oh, and cami. Even though it's frigid outside (and in the guest bedroom in my house) [Editor's note: But don't be alarmed; no guests around to notice. We already moved the last frozen bodies out...] [Assistant Editor: Come ON. Gross.], I didn't want a scarf today. Thought it would be a little too much with these stripes. I like how the brown cami doesn't speak much in terms of color but gives an interesting neckline to what would otherwise be a *cough* low one.

Um, what else? Kept my hair down purely for warmth. Is that too cavemannish to admit? If so...oops. (And pass the medium-rare steak, please.) Oh, and the bracelet. Last-minute decision to add a pop of color but not too much. And I love its oversizedness. A little bit Unexpected and Maybe Awesome. 

I feel good today. Comfy. And, really, I'll probably grow to love these icicles growing on my eyelashes, so...no big deal there either.

Happy Monday.


Mortons Love said...

I like mimes!

Ashley Hasty said...

I'm new to your blog...I saw your comment on The Daybook and thought I'd bop on over to your blog and say a quick hello!

<3 Ashley

Brittney said...

Amanda, there's no WAY you like mimes! They're creepy. Talented, sure, but...no thank you sir (spoken loudly and slowly and with overexaggeratedly vigorous head-shaking because I have a tendency to think they're deaf).

Sabrina said...

Love your blog its so cute! This is my first time on it but certainly not my last!



aj said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I don't mind if you use a picture from it at all. :) This outfit is super cute too!

Kiki said...

Loooove the outfit :) I like seeing the differences between how you wore the tunic last time and how you wore it this time! I like the neutral aspect of it..it's nice :)

p.s. thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! It makes me so happy! You are also on my link list..I check your blog every day :)

SherryB said...

I love this outfit!! You crack me up!! And yes, it is alright with me to put me on your blog, I'm just not sure how I can help with belts- I'm not really a belty person- I feel like I am too round in the middle to pull it off. Oh well, thats the me needing to get outside my comfort zone talking I guess!! I'm so excited to see your post- I've never been featured on another blog before!! Thanks, Brittney!!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love love love the super happy style of your photos. It's different. And it's great! <3

alltumbledown said...

This outfit is far from boring. Seriously. Love especially the pop of red and how your stripes look against the fab rug!
alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

Julie said...

Yo Brittney... Hi friend. Way to break the rules & wear brown WITH black, you rebel you. My grandma would roll over in her grave!

Tessa said...

Adore this look. I love shirt dresses over pants, I just think it is too cute!

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