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Sunday, February 27, 2011

5-day recap

This just in: I wear a lot of blue. The question is: is that psychologically significant? Nah.

And, seriously you guys. Those boots? From Target? Best $23 I'll ever spend. (They were on sale.)


Jess said...

I have those boots too, and I totally agree! They're pretty fantastic. I think 22 is my favourite of these, it's very streamlined and super flattering on you.

Louise said...

Love those boots! Good for you, remixer!

Laura said...

Day 22 is fantastic!

Sophie said...

love all of these look, and yes those boots were a bargain!!!!

Molly said...

22 is my favorite look this week AND 22 just so happens to be my lucky number. Now, I'm not really sure what the two have to do with one another. But, there you go.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

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