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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Does this dress make me look fat? (Correct answer: Actually yes. Yes it does.)

 Sorry about yesterday's lack of post. No, really. I'm sorry. Mostly sorry for myself, though, because now I have to actually figure out today's date (previously, the date = my 30x30 number). My poor brain. Hey, don't roll your eyes at me. These little things add up, people.
 shoes: union bay brand. tights & jewelry: don't recall. leg warmers: amazon. dress: gap. belt: thrifted. cardigan: j.crew.

This week I'm grateful for:

- paint rollers.
- beautiful blue sky peeking through the snow-laden branches of barren trees.
- a 2-year-old's trying to find her sister and calling out: "wheh IS you?"
- windows from which I can watch my children playing in the snow. Should I have been out there playing with them? Probably. But I'm the one who kicked them out into the "fresh air" in the first place, so I'll score myself a half-a-point in the Mothering Department. And anyways, we all enjoyed some hot cocoa afterward, so that gives me another half-a-point...right?
- the children's book Olivia. Don't think I could get sick of reading that one to the kiddos. And believe you me, I would've been sick of it by now.
- a mr.-fix-it husband. Who would vehemently deny the title. But it's true.
- our home.
- snickerdoodles.
- family & friends. Sounds totally cliche, doesn't it? Like, you're probably skimming by now and are thinking, "blah blah, family friends big whoop reeeeal original." Or, actually, you're probably not even giving it that much thought. Regardless of how stale it sounds, I couldn't mean it more genuinely.
- my cell phone.
- simple things.
- smiling to myself at the irony of almost ending this list with "my cell phone" and "simple things."

Happy Sunday! 

Want this look? Or do you, like me, feel it makes the wearer look chunky & stumpy and will therefore pass on copying it? Don't blame you at all...but either way, here are similar pieces below:


Molly said...

Snickerdoodles are my very, very favorite cookies of all time. ever.

I love how you incorporated the leg warmers!!! score.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Julie said...

You don't look fat! Just sayin'...

Laura said...

You look so cute! And cocoa and snickerdoodles sounds like a perfect afternoon to me :)

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