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Monday, March 28, 2011

belt askew on purpose...

 boots: target. jeans: kohl's. shirt: gap. cardigan: j.crew. scarf: smith's marketplace. belt: forever21. bracelet: hawaii.

So, my camera battery died a few minutes into today's outfit documentation. Which is why I ended up with a grand total of 8 photos. "But there are 9 shown above," you say. Actually, you probably don't say that because, really, who's counting. (Actually, you are, now, because I've brought it up. I'm awesome that way.) Yes, one of the photos above is double-dipped.

Which, coincidentally, is exactly how I like ice cream cones in that magic shell stuff, so it all works out.

Today's weather is snowy and dark and beautiful and mildly depressing all at once. Sometimes I think Mother Nature is passive-agressive. Let's face it, there's tons of evidence, for example: graceful deer destroy tulip bulbs, lengthy summer sun exposure is simultaneously blissfuland cancer-causing, and the existence of mosquitoes in general is proof enough.

I chose everything I wore today because I wanted to be comfy and warm. And comfy. And warm. Annnd I've been missing my houndstooth scarf, frankly, and he's been missing me, so today was a perfect day for catching up. (He's had a bit of a cold but is feeling better, thanks.)

Happy Monday.

p.s. Do you ever do odd things when you get dressed, like move your belt buckle to the side, and then just stick with it because you either like it or forget about it? Yeah. Me too. Like today.

Want this look? Check out the comparable stuff below:


Cydney said...

You say askew, I say...."iss Kew." I like it. For serious.

Anonymous said...

Cute scarf :)


you look so great!

heidiluxe said...

i only wear my belt to the side. only.
and houndstooth? le sigh.

Julie @ The Trendy Boutique said...

Great look today! I love how you're wearing all shades of black & grey but still look colorful. I also love your wavy hair!

Rebecca said...

My belt buckle tends to move all on its own. Maybe I'll start pretending I did it on purpose.

Little Lovables said...

looking cute.. i do the askew belt too, super fun... but it looks better on you, for sure!

Colleen said...

you mentioned 8 photos and i scrolled up to count..then I scrolled back down to finish reading and noticed that you said 9 and said whose counting..but I did count. just FYI.

If I ever did the belt thing it was mainly the forgetting part not the thinking about it looking cool part.

shealennon said...

Passive aggressive nature. I love it! I mean, I don't really love it, I just love the expression. And you've made looking comfy and warm quite lovely!

Tara said...

So, I'm torn...I really, really love the scarf, but I am also really, really ready to see people wearing something other than winter scarves and boots and tights :)

Mother Nature is testing my patience these days!!

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