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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I honestly don't know what happened/where I was in the middle photo below. But I like it.
 boots & sweater: kohl's (I think). tights: gift. skirt & shirt: gap. earrings: hawaii.

Birthday girl struck the pose to show me what to do. Like her belt? She's killing me with the cuteness. 'Cept those shoes. Ohhhh, those shoes...the loves of her life...

This week, I'm grateful for:

- my kids. and how, in their world, transformers marry barbies, very (very) worn red sparkly shoes are still beautiful, and statements of fact ("charlie licked my FACE!") are hilarious and repeated as often as a good knock-knock joke. which means oft.en.
- disposable plastic tea-ware.
- sentences that begin with, "okay, mom, I'll try..."
- when things turn out to be easier/faster than I thought they'd be.
- soccer practice and a typically not-a-sports-guy kid thoroughly enjoying himself during said practice.
- a husband who bakes the birthday girl's cake. and is so proud of it (and rightly so) that he calls it "my precious." but tries to cover it up by pretending he's talking about me.
- prayer.
- concealer. seriously. the zit queen of the universe has waved her magic wand in my direction, and my face has, with open arms, welcomed her spell. stinking face. so. thanks, concealer.
- 13 four- to eight-year-old girls at a tea party.
- family. and heart-to-hearts with family members. and those conversations of nothingness that are just as important as the heart-to-hearts.
- the satisfaction of eating a perfectly crunchy apple. (and, fine, who am i kidding, a perfectly drool-worthy mint chocolate chip shake.)
- sleep.
- sleep.
- sleep.

Happy Sunday. 


Dylana Suarez said...

This is so lovely!



Nicole said...

Love this post. Reminds me to be more aware of the gratitude worthy things in my life that are often overlooked.

Molly said...

Looks like your little one is a fashion blogger in the making!

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Chloë said...

Your daughter is so sweet! I'd love to have some lived-in red glittery shoes....
And a very cute outfit, as always (from both of you!).

Chloë xxx

Melissa said...

I seriously want to meet you in person. :)

My daughter has red sparkly shoes just like those. She wears them with EVERYTHING. She has them in pink and silver too, but only the red ones will do. Not sure what that's about. She's only seen Wizard of Oz once, a while ago. so that can't be it.


You're adorable in your layers and those bright tights! I love the tights!

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GoodFrameofMind said...

Oh gosh, you + your daughter, too cute!! Happy birthday to that little doll.

Miranda said...

Loving this outfit and your daughter is too cute!! what a perfect little b-day outfit


Kelsie said...

Love this outfit!

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