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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Aim high," they said. And "aim high" I am...

My husband and I ran our first race together this morning. A 5k. It's the furthest he's ever run at one time since he was forced to run a mile in P.E. in high school...which, seeing as how we're both in our 30s, wasn't exactly yesterday.

And he did awesome.

I have no photographic evidence of our feat, which makes me sad. But we now have matching running shirts. Which we'll probably wear sometime to have our photos taken professionally, once we grow matching mullets. Because then maybe we'll make it onto this website. Kind of a life's ambition of mine.

And if you have about an hour or 24, you should actually really check out that website. Hilarious.

Happy Saturday.

1 comment:

kaitie said...

I love coming here for my daily laughter fix and for clothing inspiration. I desperately need it, I think going out in my pajamas is as good as it gets for me most days..... sad

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