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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blogswap: The Lookbook

[Editor's note: Hey guys, I swapped blogs with Corinne today...come on over to The Lookbook to read my post and see my daily outfit if you'd like.]
And without further ado...Corinne!

Hi. Corinne here. Nice to meet you.
My husband and I got married a year ago, 
and we have a thing or two to say about fashion... 
So we started a blog about all things fabulous called The Lookbook. 
If you like this post, come check out our little website and follow our blog!

I'll give you a little preview of what kind of stuff we like to rave about.
Our flavor of the day is anything fun and frilly.
My husband likes playing with the poof in the skirt.
And well, I feel like a 5-year old playing dress-up
That's a good thing, you know.

Shoes: Kohls, Tutu Skirt: Blend,
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory, Jacket: Banana Factory
Who's with me?

xo Wifey

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