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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

springtime mourning...

 shoes: steve madden. maxi dress: gift. shirt: american eagle. belt & bracelet: forever21. necklace: downeast basics.
Some of you are in the throes of springtime. I'm super happy for you* [Editor's note: "*" = a total lie.], but I have to be frank: where I live, spring is about as close as discovering life on Mars.

Which isn't to say it won't ever happen -- didn't they find a form of water or gaseous substance that could potentially host some type of lifeform there? Or was that the moon? And what's with allsofasudden demoting Pluto from planet status to ex-planet status? I know it's old news, but still. Makes my heart hurt a little bit when I think of all the awesome 9-planet solar system mobiles I used to make in Science class, with cute little teensy tiny Pluto out in no-man's-land.

And when I say "all the mobiles," I of course mean one. I made one. I think. Plus a saweet baking-soda-vinegar exploding volcano, though, so don't think I was a Science class flunkie.

ANYway, my point is: the arrival spring in northern Utah isn't absolutely out of the question, but it sure doesn't look promising to happen in my lifetime. So. While the rest of the world flaunts their probably brightly-colored maxi dresses today (see what I'm talking about here), I wear black (accessorized only with spring-appropriate knick-knacks) and mourn the loss of a season that never will be.

Poor Spring. I bet, had she existed, she would've made quite the mark in the world. Probably would've played Varsity soccer and made a 3.8 and had her pick of of Ivy League schools. Then she would've turned them all down to follow her dream, enrolling in a small culinary school in Arkansas and buying a lime green VW beetle from which she would blast the Mamas & the Papas every morning on her way to her Yoga in the Park at Sunrise class.

Sighhh... So. Be kind. My Spring-less heart is in mourning.

Happy Tuesday.
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