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Monday, April 25, 2011

wide leg pants and yoga. c'mon, Opportunity. knock already.

 shoes & overshirt: american eagle outfitters. pants: gap. long-sleeved shirt, belt, long necklace, & flower clip: vintage. short necklace: forever21.

You know how, sometimes, something obscure and blurry and vague will nevertheless weigh on your mind? That was me, until today, and I realized what it was: should an immediate opening for a yoga poster child ever arise, I'd have no photographic evidence of my being the perfect woman for the job.

Until now (last photo in top sequence), natch. What a load off.

So. About this ensemble: is it just me, or does anyone else, on occasion, feel like busting out monochromaticity? Every month or two, I allsofasudden get the urge to wear one color, and one color only. And usually that color's blue. (Is there a Freudian interpretation in this? Please no.)

At first glance, everything in this outfit appears to be heavy solid-on-solid. But the pants have a subtle pinstripe, the long-sleeve layering tee has a sheer/opaque stripe going on, the belt divides the top half of me from bottom half, the crown braid and flower clip add a touch of whimsy and youth (do I sound, like, 80 saying that, or what?), and everything else just is.

Know what else just is? The eterna-crumbness of my dining room floor. I've come to accept it, to assign the floor-sweep chore to my dog, and to then ignore it. A trifecta of solution that screams win-win.

Happy Monday, friends.

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