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Sunday, April 24, 2011

a pound of Easter chocolate in the hand is as good as 4 pounds on the scale...

 shoes: cato brand. tights: forever21. skirt & cardigan: j.crew. shirt: thrifted. belt: husband's. watch: target.

This week I'm grateful for:

- friends who not only care but who do stuff to show it.
- Easter candy.
- picking out the perfect gift for someone and knowing it's the perfect gift and then having it reaffirmed that it was, indeed, perfect. :)
- home design books and the millions, nay, trillions of new ideas floating around in my head.
- budget constraints. Which is a nice way of saying "we have no money to do the stuff I dream about." But without such constraints, I wouldn't have nearly as much fun planning it out in my head.
- (can you tell I'm stretching to be grateful for that last one?)
- people who are creative. I'm in awe of them.
- my husband. Who's awesome and funny and sweet and hard-working and who always lets me have the last bite.
- my kids. Who're sweet and fun and creative and enthusiastic and independently-minded...like when my 2-year-old responded, in her sweetest little voice, to an observation I was making at dinner: "mom....be ty-et [quiet]." Her timing was impeccable, her delivery spot-on, and the laughter response overwhelming.
- cheese and how it can be a perfect main course for kids' breakfast, lunch, OR dinner.
- the Easter holiday and all that it entails.

Happy Sunday.
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