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Friday, May 20, 2011

5 things on your blog that make me go "ugh"

Hey guys, it's Friend Friday! I'm on my way to the doctor's office right now (hence no outfit pics today...trust me, you're welcome.) But today's topic is: blog pet peeves: 5 things that drive me crazy about blogs I visit.

(0) First of all, I think the phrase "drive me crazy" might be a little exaggerated for me. I tend to think blogging is a live-and-let-live kind of sport (yep. sport. I like to call things "sports" because it makes me, by default, an "athlete"). So, for sure, I have some prefereneces, but others do, too, and who am I to say their way stinks? That being said, here we go:

(1) Crazy fonts. Too-big (kind of insulting), too-small (hard to read), too curly/girly (kind of juvenile), to name a few. Call me boring, but when I'm reading online, I like to focus on what's being said rather than being distracted by the font it's being said in. Could be just me.

(2) Super dark backgrounds with light/neon/white font. I appreciate the effort put into contrasting the background/text, but for some reason that just doesn't work for me. I rarely read anything in that setup.

(3) One or two posts per page. I recognize that these people probably are just trying to improve their bounce rate (and more power to 'em, I guess), but whenever I see that, I usually just click away. Give me a little more to work with, please!

(4) Flashing stuff.

(5) When there's not a picture/photo to be seen for miles. Heh. Like this post. (Or when those photos are super blurry, small, or all-around not very inspiring.) Maybe I'm just 3 years old or something, but it's just not that tempting for me to read something without a photo break now and again.

That being said, it's not like I'm claiming my own blog is perfect, so I'm just happy that people are able to express themselves as the creative individuals they are. And if you have suggestions for me or my blog, please don't share them with me. It would probably hurt my feelings and/or make me defensive. Just grin and bear whatever I've e-produced here, and we'll both move on with our lives. :)

Happy Friday.

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