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Thursday, May 19, 2011

get dressed quick

 boots: target. jeans: kohls. sweater: old navy. belt: thrifted (american eagle outfitters). trench coat: forever21. watch: target. flower clips: gift.

It's one of those days, guys. Wanna hear about it? No? Good, 'cause I don't want to delve into the deets. Suffice it to say there are a billion things going on today, gloomy-cold weather, potential strep throat (3rd time in a year, and that means probable tonsillectomy. please no.), frustrating Internet issues, and a day where my closet has "nothing to wear."

Makes you wanna hang with me, doesn't it.
Remember how I vowed I was done with boots until Fall? Well, I actually did mean it when I said that. But then the weather turned nasty, my errand list exploded, and my boots jumped out and hijacked my feet before I could say anything. I'm okay with it, though. There's something comforting about a well-used pair of flat boots. And a gramma-made quilt. And some homemade mac & cheese and warm applesauce to slide down a sore throat.

So. Skinnies, boots, & a top: one of my favorite (albeit overused) go-to ensembles. Throw on a trench for warmth. Done and done. What are your go-to pieces when you just don't feel like getting dressed or when you have "nothing" to wear?

Happy Thursday.

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1 comment:

Julie said...

Jared had a tonsillectomy early in our marriage & he said it wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. He also says LOTOJA is nothing to brag about, so you be the judge on his pain level. I love this outfit. It's MY kind of outfit. You look fantastic.

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