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Monday, May 9, 2011

do the j.crew

 metallic flats: american eagle outfitters. jeans & shirt: gap. necklace: forever21. watch: target.

You know how a picture is supposed to be worth 1000 words? Well, I want to pontificate on that a bit. And here's why: Sometimes my outfit photos look waaaaay better than I do in real life. Something about catching the angle just right, the lighting, whatever. Conversely, sometimes the photos look waaaaaay worse than I thought I looked in real life.

And sometimes, like today, the photos are pretty "meh," which is just exactly what the outfit itself is. Hooray for exactness in which nothing is lost in translation. 'Cept, to be honest, I cropped out from these pics a red bookbag, some doll furniture, and three library books scattered on the floor.

I'm really into asymmetrical style lately. I have no idea why. Oh, wait, yes I do--it's because I'm obsessed with the J.Crew vibe (not that I nailed it here...at all...but I'm still obsessed). I'm less careful with tucking, matching sleeve roll-up lengths, and cuffing my jeans. Know what else I'm not careful about, as evident in this ensemble? Making sure my jeans fit. These are a bit unflatteringly loosey-goosey.

Which is a lame phrase, I'll grant you, but it rhymes and, therefore, automatically qualifies for use on this blog. A rare example of of lameness, though. And by "rare," I of course mean "lame-is-the-name-of-the-game-on-a-plane-in-Spain-around-here." I think you need no further evidence or explanation.

Happy Monday!

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