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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

old lady floral shirt + kid-type shoe = middle-aged me.

Check out our clean floor. Makes you want to be friends with me and visit, doesn't it. "Here, have some juice, friend. Don't worry, I blew the dust and stuff out of your cup before I poured it. You're welcome. It was nothing. Really."
shoes: converse brand. jeans: kohl's. shirt & belt: forever21. cardigan: rue21. watch: target. bracelet: burntsiena designs. necklace: downeast basics.

Apparently April showers bring...May showers. It's been raining non-stop for three days here. Not that I mind much. I happen to like frizzed-out hair, restless stir-crazy children with the sniffles, and the aroma of wet dog. I'm sure you can relate.

Oh. Wait. No I don't, and no you can't.

Today's jumping-off point was: something floral, to go along with Everybody Everywhere. This shirt wins--the colors are good, the floral print is pretty, and it's (almost) clean. BAM. I was planning on pairing it with a springy plaid skirt, but the weather saw my springtime plans and raised them 6 inches of rain. I folded.

Why am I fluently using poker references here? I think I've played the game once in my life, using stuff like swedish fish and cinnamon bears as poker chips. It was fun...until I had to drop out because I'd eaten all my wagering pieces, which was an embarrassing display of zero-self-control for a 20-something, don't you think?

Anyway. Enough about you, let's talk about me. I like this outfit's ironic combinations of feminine (necklace) and not (red Chucks), preppy (sweater) and racy (Vegas-style sequined belt), happy and dead tired. See my puffy eyes? Yeah. This Queen of Hearts was up all night working.

Happy Tuesday.

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