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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guest Post: Linda on Teaching By Example (and a bit o' Jealousy)

[Editor's note: Hey guys! I'm (still) on vacation with my family. Although I'm unable to post right now, some of my most favorite stylish, intelligent, and entertaining bloggers have graciously agreed to guest post. You won't be disappointed...'cept maybe when I get back into town...]

Today's guest poster is the endearing Linda from The Auspicious Life, and I love: her down-to-earth approach to style and blogging that makes me want to be her real-life friend, her spot-on take on everyday casualwear, that she lives in Portland, her subtle humor, that she's stylish AND a teacher. Thanks for posting today, Linda! And you might want to invest in a scooter, because I'm thisclose to moving to Portland and stealing your parking spot now. 
By now, Brittney has jetted off to her fantastic vacation. Hopefully the kids know where they are by now. I'm not entirely sure where they are myself. When Britt wrote Schmisneyschmand, it took me a while to figure it out. But, I'm *pretty* sure they are somewhere in Germany
Maybe Brittney already told us the big secret. I don't always pay attention. Don't tell my students. But it's true. I miss instructions sometimes. All teachers do. Truth be told, teachers make the worst students. Ever sit in a meeting room full of teachers? Everyone is doodling and passing notes. Ever wonder where the saying "do as I say, not as I do" came from? A teacher who got caught goofing off in class.
Still, I always manage to retain a few key instructions. In this case, I heard Brittney say she is super jealous that I live in Portland. And I love nothing more than to make people jealous of where I live. So instead of making you all just look at my silly little clothes (no offense, Target), my fella and I took it to the roof. I'd lie to you and tell you that the weather is like this everyday, but then you would all want to move here. And parking is hard enough as it is. So, for now, you can do I as I say and enjoy the view.

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