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Sunday, May 15, 2011

midi-length denim skirt...non-frump-style...I hope...

 shoes: steve madden. skirt: old navy (i think?). belt: thrifted (american eagle). top: gift. jacket: kohl's. necklace: forever21. bracelet: downeast basics.
This week I'm grateful for:

- Buy an entree get one free for date night. Score!
- Double date night with some fabulous friends.
- Beautiful weather.
- Kids in swimsuits. All day. Almost every day.
- Soft tissues (kleenex-style).
- Public libraries. Specifically, mine.
- Almost the end of school...and our upcoming family vacation to Ca-lee-for-ni-ay. And a surprise for the kiddos that (they won't know about this until the day of) I'm not going to tell you guys but I'll give you a hint: rhymes with Schmisneyschmand.
- Catching my husband giving our daughter a pretend "makeover" (an empty blush brush) because she begged him and because he's the world's #1 Dad.
- Fresh fruit and veggies.
- Not flossing. I can't help it. I'm so grateful for not flossing.

Happy Sunday!
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1 comment:

Julie said...

Love your hair today!!

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