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Monday, May 16, 2011

What, this old thing? Yeah...it really is, actually.

 shoes: unionbay brand. pants: gap. shirt: somewhere in germany. cardigan: old navy. belt & necklace: downeast basics.

There's something pretty liberating about wearing a fancy cluster necklace with an industrial nylon belt. I feel like I could do anything today, if I'm being honest with you. Anything at all. Fly, see through walls, lasso bad guys with a magical lariat, call the public library to see if I accidentally returned my son's schoolbook there...ANYthing. You name it.

[Editor's note: I tried make the library phone call sound cooler by associating it with those other super-activities. Did it work? Does it sound like a way awesome thing to do? No? Drat. Well, the good news is that I actually DID take that book to the public library on accident, which means my son will be able to graduate 1st grade. *phew*]

[Assistant Editor's note: What Editor is failing to tell you all is that, embarrassing as this most recent book/library mixup might sound, it's not NEARLY as embarrassing as the time we "returned" library books into a local video rental return slot...and then accused the library of screwing up their record-keeping because we specifically remembered returning them into a drop box. HEH.]

 Want more embarrassing dirt on me? Here. Outtakes.

Can someone please remind me why I blog? Is it to publicly humiliate myself as much as possible, and since I don't see that many people during the course of my real life, turning to the Internet was the only viable solution? No? Well then...I have no response to that.
Happy Monday.

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