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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sometimes there's no method...it's just madness...

 shoes: steve madden. maxi dress: forever21. sash: off a shirt from kohl's. denim jacket: gap. flower clip: gift. watch: target. bracelet: don't recall.

Today I'm wearing a belt sash from off a shirt as a neck-thingy. No reason, really. I just felt like doing something crazy today. My Plan A of Craziness actually involved a baby grand piano, an old VW beetle, and 3 bottles of ketchup. Unfortunately, I only could track down 2 ketchup bottles. So. Plan B: sash as neck-thingy it is.

Is anyone getting tired of stripes? Yeah, me either. I can't really get enough of them, to be honest. Never mind the fact that, worn horizontally from neck to ankle like in this dress, they're not the most elongating and slimming pattern I could dream up for my already boxy body shape. But I just love them so that I can't help myself. Which is partly why I added the denim jacket and long neck-thingy. Well, that and the ketchup dilemma, as described above. 

I was hoping those two additions would help cut down the striped-stumpiness that my body becomes in this dress. I don't think it really worked. But I'm dressed and super comfortable and ready to roll today. Stump it up, buttercup.

Happy Tuesday.

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