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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

you say capris, I say mom-jeans...

 sandals, necklace, & bracelet: forever21. capris: thrifted (gap). shirt: kohl's. chambray shirt: gift from Germany. belt: downeast basics (american eagle). watch: target. flower hair clips: gift.

I have mixed feelings about capris. They're warmer than skirts but cooler than jeans for the in-between days (such as today) that are neither cold nor hot. They also scream "mom-in-the-'burbs" like nothing else. Well, 'cept for sweater arms tied together over a polo shirt. Natch.

In my defense (hah! defensive already, and no one's even said anything. heh.), a guy was coming to change all the locks on our doors this morning, and I had literally 3 minutes from out-of-shower to fully-dressed. Considering that, does it endear this ensemble in your hearts at all? AND I added a cute braid in the hair. No? Still bad? Nuts. Worth a shot, at least.  

Can I just tangent here for one second (when is this blog ever NOT on a tangent?) (don't answer that) and ask: Is anyone else a little uncomfortable when workerdudes come over to work on stuff in your house during the day? Like for cable or phone or doors or plumbing or or or... Anything, really. I'm sure they're all fully qualified and kind people. I've never had a bad experience. But still. I always get a little nervous.

And today's dude reaked of alcohol and other unpleasantries. At 10:30 a.m., I'll admit, I wasn't particularly thrilled. Dah well. The new knobs and deadbolts work and look awesome. So. 

End of tangent. End of post.

Happy Wednesday!

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