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Monday, June 6, 2011

cross your eyes, then stare at my outfit. how many lines do you see?

 shoes: cato brand. skirt & bracelet: don't recall. shirt: thrifted. belt: husband's. so helpful, I know.

I love french toast. Like, really, love it. Preferred method: a bit of butter and some maple syrup atop a steaming piece of french toast. My older brothers used to strategize breakfast for maximum acceptable sugar consumption, floating their first french toast in a pool of syrup (we're talking the deep end of a pool here, people) and then powdered-sugaring the next one, which would also be treading syrup. 

Sugar overload? You betcha. (And you wonder why I can't kick my pnut m&m addiction...) Too much of a good thing? Probably. Makes my stomach hurt a little when I think about it now.

But that's kind of how I felt in this ensemble. The sugar particles of my french toast yesteryear became the lines/stripes/plaid overload of today's ensemble. (A beautiful and deep metaphor, right? Go ahead a wipe a tear...) 

Regardless, and on a fairly unrelated note, I think every woman needs a lacy/crocheted peeptoe wedge in her life. And, sure, a pound of pnut melt-in-your-mouths within arm's reach.

Happy Monday!
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