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Sunday, June 5, 2011

an unintended forever21 ad...

 pretty much everything I'm wearing: forever21. earrings: hawaii.
This week I'm grateful for:

- dual-screen portable DVD players for long car rides.
- the completion of said long car rides.
- shelf-stable milk (my go-to beverage for traveling with chidren).
- great NBA games (anyone catch game 2? Hello.).
- having yet another annual yard sale with friends for the fourth year in a row.
- beautiful weather. Even moderately okay weather. Okay, fine, any weather that doesn't equate to snow when it's supposed to be spring.
- having my family (kids included! *passing out*) compliment a super easy, super fast, super delicious chicken dinner that came about from a let's-dig-out-something-from-the-cupboards sitch. Boom shakah.
- texting.
- Chick-fil-A chargrilled chicken sandwich. See yesterday's post. HEAVEN.
- TV. Sometimes I seriously love television.
- I flossed once this week. And I hate flossing. I guess I'm not really "grateful" for that... just wanted to brag a little bit.

Happy Sunday.


Tara said...

Well, your bar is set kind of low on the weather thing, huh? Snow in May does that to you, I guess? :)

I love how easy and awesome this dress is... it looks fantastic!

Tatiana said...

LOVE this dress! I could seriously live in Maxi dresses all the time. No joke. I'm pretty sure I've slept in mine before. And this outfit is so great! What a cute blog!

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