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Sunday, June 12, 2011

embracing the cliche of a buttonup & a pencil skirt

 shoes: forever21. skirt & belt: kohl's. shirt: j.crew. necklace & bracelet: downeast basics.
This week I'm grateful for:

- stuff that's already grated, like cheese and zucchini. It's like a gift from the Universe.
- splash pads and cousin time for my kiddos.
- mowing the lawn and leaving mower-stripes in the grass. Is it just me, or is that, like, totally satisfying? Like vacuum lines in the carpet (if I remember right... it's been so long since I vacuumed...). LOVE that.
- stop-the-underarm-sweat stuff. I used to be a walking pair o' pit-stains, which is every bit as pretty as that sounds. It's warmer now, and I'm just really glad for the clinical strength stuff that keeps me dry.
- my 2-year-old who says, real slow and adult-like, "whut. duh. hut." for "what the heck."
- a husband who knows as much about planting bulbs and flowers as I do. Which, frankly, isn't much... but it's kinda cute and romantical how twinners we are about it, don't you think? No? It's actually nauseating and lame to be "twinners" with one's husband about anything? Oh. Good to know before I busted out sewing us matching plaid shirts...
- tortillas. Seriously. A meal can be complete with tortillas and very few other ingredients.
- acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen.
- warm showers.
- nature.
- the song whose chorus goes, "there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you," because it's become "our song" with my daughters and me.
- facial smile lines.

Happy Sunday!

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Leslie said...

What a fun post! I LOVE your outfit, it's so CUTE! Th e necklace pencil skirt button up shirt and belt go fabulously together. Found you via clothed much

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