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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's back. The awesomeness that is the 30x30 challenge.

 I'm participating in Kendi's 30x30 challenge this spring (read about my winter 30x30 experience here). Basically what that means is I've chosen 30 clothing items (including shoes) to rotate and remix over the next 30 days. Which would be way easy if I lived in Hawaii, because I'd simply choose 30 swimsuits and live on the beach. But I don't. Thanks for asking.
 sandals & bracelets: forever21. jeans: kohl's. shirt: j.crew. flower hairclip: downeast basics. earrings: hawaii.
You know, I'm loving the fact that I'm content with simple outfits/style lately. A top, a bottom, and a shoe. Doesn't get more basic than that. Well, I suppose it could, but...yeah. No. This is a family-friendly blog, you guys. Which means we talk about family-friendly topics and only occasionally delve into the subsurface stuff. Stuff that only adults should talk about...Like the other day when I had to clean up my 2-year-old's accident involving substance, not just liquid. That's right. Shield your eyes and your brains. Mine are permanently scarred.

But you didn't pay good money to come read about that, now, did you? Let's move on.

I almost wore a large chunky watch with this ensemble instead of the mass o' braceletage. But I thought it would be highy ironic that someone wearing a loose flowy cotton-silk blend peasant blouse would care what time it was using anything other than the sun's position in the sky. And I just happen to be that girl today. And it's been raining all day, no sun in sight. Which can only mean it's perfectly legal to go back to bed. Or never get out of bed in the first place. Pick your poison, but either way...sweet dreams to me.

Happy Monday!

p.s. And for all you die-hard fans of this blog (hey mom!), I've enclosed some outtakes below. You're welcome. Which, in a perfect world, would also translate into "I'm sorry."

Want this look? Sweet. Click below for similar...

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