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Sunday, June 19, 2011

excuses excuses

Hey guys! I'm back from running Ragnar. It was such a great (and tiring. and crazy) experience, one that has been on my bucket list for several years. (LOVE when I can checkmark a "bucket list" box, you know?)

I'm alive and well (minus my quads, the stinking complainers...I can hardly move without them screaming at me). My team--especially my van, which included two of my SILs--was awesome.
(above: left to right, me & my beautiful sis-in-laws T & M.)

This is what I wore to church today. I think I looked pregnant, with how this top poofed out over this skirt. Which isn't exactly the look I was going for, but I was too sore to change. Which is also my excuse for the tired, frizzy hair you see here. Not one for the books today, friends. Forgive me? No? Rats. And...meh.
 shoes, shirt, & bracelets: forever21. skirt: j.crew.
This week I'm grateful for:

- my husband, my dad, my brothers, and all the guys out there who love being fathers.
- my body. Specifically my legs.
- my Ragnar support van and funny memories (e.g., honking at horses, human fog horns, the merits of cops vs. volunteers, "um, what's that flag for?", honey bucket stories, etc.) 
- my family who supported me in doing Ragnar.
- being blister-free.
- IcyHot type substances.
- magical summer evenings spent outside with my husband & kids, with water and frisbees and popsicles and time. Lots and lots of time.
- sunglasses.
- successful potty-training experiences. (waaaaaay better than unsuccessful ones...)
- hot showers.
- when zits go away.
- ziploc bags.
- cell phone service in the middle of nowhere. And having something to text and someone to text it to.

Happy Sunday.

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