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Friday, June 17, 2011

best springtime recipe

Hey guys, it's Friend Friday! Today's topic is: food & your favorite seasonal dish.

I love food and all things edible, but esPESHially in the spring/summer when fresh produce and grilled yumminess abounds.

My favorite seasonal recipe is Honey Lime Fruit Salad from here. (p.s. That website? Trouble. You'll want to try everything and will spend hours drooling into your keyboard which may or may not short-circuit your entire system.) Make it. Elbow others away. Devour it all yourself. Then forgo any drug tests for a day or two. (Poppyseeds, people. C'mon. Stay with me.)

It's delish and refreshing and all things springy.

Happy Friday!

p.s. I'm off to run a 190-mile relay race with 11 team members today and tomorrow. Let's meet back here on Sunday, kay? Kay.

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