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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I think Cinderella was onto something...

 sandals & bracelets: forever21. pants: gap. belt & necklace: vintage. shirt: j.crew.

You guys, I can't even begin to explain to you how odd today was. You know that movie Groundhog Day? Nothing like that, other than it was strange. And I hope hope HOPE I don't have to relive it, because strange things happened. Like the fact that I got sucked into a 1-1/2 hour vacuum demonstration in my home in the middle of the afternoon when I was supposed to be working on a Fathers Day gift with my kids.

And the girl doing the demo (a.k.a. trying to sell me a $3,000 vacuum) reminded me that dirt stays in the bottom of carpet and eventually starts eating it. And, when I didn't gasp or shriek or do cartwheels or sign my name in blood to buy 14 of her products, she asked me, "And that doesn't gross you out?"

Sure it grosses me out if I think about it. Kinda like eating meat. (Don't think about it...it really is disturbing.) But there are a million other things to think about sometimes. Like the deliciousness of pnut m&ms. And the perfection of a mildly breezy spring day. And the fact that I'd rather hang out with my growing-up-too-fast kids than follow them around with a vacuum to keep the dust mites at bay.

Besides, maybe dust mites are cute and friendly and helpful. Maybe I'll channel my inner Cinderella and stitch little shirts and hats for them. And teach them to steal cute accessories. Woah. THIS idea just got brilliant...

Happy Thursday.

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