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Monday, June 27, 2011


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess who was beloved by all and was always on top of things. She had a weird and mildly lame twin sister who was mainly only good at sugar consumption. 

Unfortunately for you, lovely reader, guess which one writes this blog.

Disregard the similarity between days 1 and 8. Disregard the redundancy of those strappy metallic sandals. Disregard the mess on the couch and rug on day 10. Disregard all that, but don't fail to regard this: I have an enormous zit just slightly off center on my forehead. No, seriously. E.nor.mous. Which means no pics today, because not even the wildest, brightest adherence to trendy neon color blocking could distract from it.

And also, I don't have wild, bright, trendy neon color blockable clothes. So.

Happy Monday.

1 comment:

MissRockwell said...

So I really love 2 5 & 10. Something about those legs. Whew!!


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