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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the 1st part is lame...and it goes downhill from there...

I apologize in advance for this post. Any shred of creativity and humor I once may have had has been zapped by UV rays and chlorine. They need to make a sunscreen for THAT kind of protection, if you ask me. C'mon, scientists. BE somebody.

 shoes: converse brand. shorts: american eagle. shirt: forever21. necklace & flower clips: gift. watch: target.
 This crown braid? Yeah. Awkward. I took it out because it's too weird, and I can't concentrate knowing that I look like a lopsided pinhead. Not to offend the lopsided pinhead population out there...I'm sure you're all very capable crown-braiders.
So, here's the deal, guys. I love this top, but I'm finding it hard to style differently. This is the case with several of my 30x30 shirts, actually. In cooler weather, it's easier for me to change things up by layering differently. But when it's hot, like it is now (not complaining, here. just, y'know, stating facts), the last thing I want to do is layer stuff just so it looks different on the ol' blog.

[Editor's note: So we've come to that, have we? "Ol' blog"? Ouch. Like Ol' Yeller...didn't he die at the end?]

So. This top is like an outfit unto itself. I don't really know what that means, actually, despite the piece of embossed cardstock somewhere in my house that says some PhDs think I know 4 years' worth of something about the English language. (Suckers.) Basically, if I wear this top, it doesn't really matter what else goes with it, because it's bold and detailed and can't really be paired with a non-neutral bottom like plaid because...ouch on the brain and on the eyes.

Speaking of pained brains: "apparently" you're "not" supposed to eat "crappy" foods "late" at night every "night" if you're "trying" to lose tummy "flub." [Editor's note: Admit it...you're a huge fan of an overuse of the arbitrarily placed quotation mark, aren't you?] Guess who's going to actively embrace her tummy flub? That's right. Me. Because some things are totally worth a romantic m&m snack by TV-light.

Happy Tuesday.

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1 comment:

Kristen said...

I like that shirt. A lot. And you're right, it'd be hard to style differently in summer weather!

So the Cubs hat? Are you or your husband from Chicago? My husband is from Northern Illinois and a die hard Cubs fan. He'd be so happy to see the hat appearing on one of my fashion blogs I read!

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