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Thursday, June 30, 2011

something old, new, borrowed, blue...and painted

 shoes & necklace: forever21. shorts: who knows, who cares. shirt: old navy. earrings: hawaii. bracelets: a zillion places.

I wrote a post to accompany these pics last night, full of snappy wit and self-deprecation. The brunt of my jokes were centered on these paint-splattered shorts, which I happen to love but which are, shall we say, white trash. Which makes for some good jokes, I have to say.
But Blogger ate the post, and I'm too lazy to write it again. So do me a favor: smile real big, spontaneously, as you read the next few words. Maybe even chuckle a little and shake your head, if you're a head-shaker-while-laughing kinda girl. (Or guy. But let's be honest. If you're reading this blog...girl.) Ready? Go.

Either way...I think this outfit is Unexpected and Maybe Awesome here. So it was a great day.

Happy Wednesday-turned-Thursday.

Want this look? Buy stuff below, then bust out your paintbrush...

1 comment:

Raych said...

After bebopping over to your site from your lovely comment I have laughed out loud no less than 4 times. You are high-larious! also love your style and your photos! This is the most rambling comment ever. The end.

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