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Thursday, June 9, 2011

something's wrong with my phone. it says it's not saturday today...

 shoes: american eagle outfitters. jeans: kohl's. shirt & bracelets: forever21. cami: motherhood maternity. flower clips: gift.
pose below: the karate kid, circa 1985.
Some days just don't feel like the day they actually are. Yesterday totally felt like Saturday, both to me and my husband. Today, too, 'cept a super-lame Saturday where has to go to work. I tried to convince him that his boss wanted him to take a "thunderstorm day" (very similar to a "snow day" with one minor difference. I'll leave it up to you intelligent peoples to figure out what that might be). For some reason he didn't believe me.

Fine. Ruin my pseudo-weekend. I was left to drown my sorrows in some pseudo-comfort-food, a.k.a. spinach, at lunchtime. [Editor's note: Not comforting.]

So. Fast-forward to me and the kiddos at home this afternoon. We've been working on trying harder to (translation: I'm a nazi and all but yell at them when they don't) include the 2-year-old in playtime activities. [Editor's note: That and the spinach comment above might jeopardize my mother-of-the-year award for 2011. Better learn to bake. Stat.]

A few minutes ago, a fight was about to break out amongst the kidlets, when my 5-year-old showed her alarmingly strategic brainpower.
"Addie! D'you want to play with us and be our puppy?"
The toddler nodded vigorously, definitely down with that idea. Being a housepet is one of her all-time favorite pasttimes.
"Great. C'mere, cute puppy. It's crate time!"

Sheer genius. And I can't even get mad, because they "included" her.

Happy Saturday Thursday.

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