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Friday, June 10, 2011

eat your heart out, MLB.

I love baseball henleys on girls. I think they're adorably masculine-feminine. Which actually makes no sense if you think about it, so don't think about it.
 sandals: saltwater brand. jeans: express. shirt: j.crew. bracelet: burntsiena designs.
 Forgive me. I'm in a silly mood today. And by "silly" I of course mean "I feel like an MLB pitcher in this shirt." Too bad I never went for it in my early years. I have a sinking suspicion I would've rocked the mound. See below:
 You're going to roll your eyes at me (roll away), but I can't stop laughing at the first pic in the pitching series above. Here's why:
One word: jowls. (Wait, is that even what "jowls" are? If not, it should be definition #2.)
Regardless, it's Friend Friday! Today's topic: 5 summer trends that I'm looking forward to wearing this season. Topics like this make me really wish I was more up-to-speed on trends...but here we go.

1. wedge sandals. (I think these are a trend every summer...?)
2. braids. (I wear these year-round, but they're especially great to keep my neck cool in summertime.)
3. maxi dresses. (Didn't I say that for spring trends, too? Yep. Sure did. But I've hardly gotten a chance to wear mine. Surely trends can't change that fast...)
4. loose, flowy tops.
5. bright, neon nails. (I'm not in love with all-over neon (yet?), but it's fun on small-scale, like fingernails.)

Happy Friday!

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