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Monday, July 4, 2011

good things come in 3s. so does this odd photo...

shoes & shirt: forever21. skirt: don't recall. belt: thrifted (american eagle).

First of all: Happy 4th of July to you Americans! And...happy today for you international friends.

I totally didn't take photos yesterday, but this is what I wore. I chopped 3 photos apart and put them together with the pieces. Which is why my legs are 12 times larger than they should be and there are floating bare elbows and the sun is shining on my torso but nowhere else. Heh. Weird. But...I never claimed to be otherwise. 'Cept to my husband before we were married to convince him he wanted to marry me. Me me meee!!!


On Saturday night, my parents got back from a 3-year stint in another country on another continent. To put things into perspective...they'd never met my youngest daughter in person. We had a weekend-long family celebratory bash in which the available calories outnumbered the people 14,000:1. Perfect.

I tell you this only to say: I'm sorry I've been M-I-A this weekend. I'm sorry you've undoubtedly gone through withdrawals from missing me so much. I'm sorry I've made a million lame suuuper-funny observations in my head and didn't share them with you here. But I'm back, baby. And I'll see y'all tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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