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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a Jazzy ride down memory lane...

 shoes: cato brand. shorts: american eagle. shirt: j.crew. necklace: gift (downeast basics). bracelets: forever21. turquoise bracelet & earrings: hawaii.

I'm loving shorts with heels lately. Unfortch for me, I only have three pairs of shoes in this 30x30, and just one of them is heels. Are heels. Be heels. Whatever. FORtunately, though, these wedges go with any and everything I can throw at them. So they win. And I win. We all win.

Which reminds me...in college, I had two roommates who made up a card game called Pearls. The rules changed every time it was played, but it didn't matter because they the whole point of the game was to unexpectedly, at some point, throw the entire deck of cards up in the air and/or at the person's head and shout at him/her as loudly as possible, "YOU WIN! YOU WIN! YOU WIN!"

Maybe you had to be there. Actually, no, no you didn't. Because it was as entirely pointless as this description makes it seem. But ridiculously entertaining for those of us on the sidelines, seeing how baffled the unsuspecting victim participant became.

Speaking of...Know what else was baffling about college? The sheer number of amateur male acappella groups, 100% of whom specialized in busting out the song "Woooooah...for the longest time" whilst winking and grinning and expecting us females to swoon as though we hadn't heard that exact same song about 4 minutes ago in another dorm hall.

Ah, dorm halls. But that's another chapter for another day.
Happy Tuesday!

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