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Thursday, July 21, 2011

in which a girl waxes poetic about her knitwear...

 shoes: saltwater sandals. skirt: kohl's. shirt: vintage/hand-me-down. watch: target. necklace & flower clips: gifts.
The sunlight randomly went all pinkish-crazy with me in the photo below... Meh. It's sunlight. It can do whatever the heck it wants, and what are we mere mortals going to do about it?
 So, do you have a knit skirt?

Ohp. Oops. Someone once facebook-statused (yep. verb.) the fact that, at work, they walked into someone's office and started in on asking about a work project without a "hi" or "how's it going" or "good morning" and didn't realize until later how rude that was and how lame they felt.

Color me rude and lame, but only temporarily, because...HI! How's it going? Good? Good.

Now. Back to knitwear.

I only have one knit skirt, myself. I've got plenty in cotton and denim and cuorduroy and even some wool blends, but only one down-on-the-farm-meat-and-potatoes kind of knit skirt. This thing is stretchy. It's comfy. It's versatile. It's cashe. It's not too lightweight or too heavy but is the perfect middlegroundweight. It's, in a word (plus two), awesome to wear.

The only prob is that it's a little faded, a little worn, a little aged. So in the "does-this-skirt-make-me-look-rich" department (and who doesn't open up conversations that way? I mean, c'mon), we're coming in about last place. Panting. With a sprained ankle and mud-splattered cheeks. I don't even know if its skin-hugging would fare much better in passing the age-old "does it make me look fat" test. But the beautiful truth, my dear readers, is that this simple knit skirt has won my heart. And during summertime, my heart calls the shots, with authority surpassed by none 'cept the Body Thermal Index Regulator Organ, whatever that may be. Maybe the spleen? Yep. Prolly that.

Annnd, for those of you still with me (gold star for all 1 of you), a little outtake for your viewing pleasure. I call this one "The Armpit." Lovely, I know. You're welcome. And I'm sorry. And it wasn't me. And I'll pay you back...
Happy Thursday.

Want this look? Seriously. Get yourself a knit skirt today and be happy for the rest of your life. Shop below (remember, you can lop off a maxi skirt if you want, and depending on the knit, you might not even have to hem it!)...

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