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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the blind leading the blind

 shoes: unionbay brand. shorts: gap (cutoff myself). shirt: j.crew. belt & bracelet: downeast basics (american eagle). watch: target.

You guys, sometimes I just can't take style too seriously. Like today. Nothing makes sense in this ensemble. Black stripes with blue? Bright red lips? Huge wrist jewelry with cutoffs (*love*) and an industrial nylon belt? It's like I walked toward my closet and reached blindly in, wearing whatever I touched first.

Not to offend the blind, mind you. Because by texture alone, this outfit raises more than one eyebrow and a handful of question marks. So.

Come to think of it, my method of getting dressed set the tone for the whole day today, actually--I prepared lunch approaching the fridge with the same, ah, carefree spirit... not surprisingly, I ended up with some pudding, a pickle, and a few shreds of cheese. Yummy...?

Some days are just like that, though. Full of pickles and a random yellow belt. And a pretty great 7-year-old's birthday celebration. Life is beautiful.

Happy Wednesday.

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