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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

elastic-waisted and loving it

shoes: don't recall. skirt & shirt: gap. belt & necklace: forever21. bracelet: burntsiena designs. earrings: gift/homemade.

Raise your hand if you're (a) built like a box or (b) know someone who is. Chances are good that none of you raised your hand. Not because neither A nor B qualifies, but rather because you're thinking to yourself, "she can't see me, I'm not raising my hand" or "man, that is some good mango-pineapple salsa I'm eating here" or "zzzzzzzzzzz."

This little ensemble is one I like to call, "The Little Box That Should." It's an inspiring tale of a girl who, despite lacking much by way of feminine curves, managed to put together a semi-girlish ensemble that embodies a bead-wearing-free-spirit-bent-on-reminding-suburbanites-to-save-the-rainforests. Notice my freshly-showered (i.e. wet) hair? It's 'cause there's no electricity in the forest for a blow dryer. Even my sandals look like tree roots.

So. Full skirts supposedly give square-built women some hips. I don't know that this actually is the case here. And the belt cutting my torso exactly in half doesn't do much to elongate my frame. But for some reason, despite what it isn't, I'm loving what this outfit is: a t-shirt and an elastic-waisted anything, perfect prep for Thanksgiving feasting. Sure, I'm four months early, but I like to be prepared.

So. Pass me a pie and turn up the TV, will ya?

Happy Tuesday.

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