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Thursday, July 7, 2011

sometimes i don't WANT to make lemonade...

 shoes, belt, & bracelets: forever21. skirt: thrifted. skirt extender: a slip shop. shirt: j.crew. watch: target. necklace: don't recall.
I apologize for this ensemble. Not much thought went into it or the pics. Why? Read on...

So, apparently a sprinkler pipe in our yard has been broken for a little while. Because our guest bedroom, which I went in yesterday to prepare for my parents' arrival at our house, had flooded. Not super badly (heaven knows plenty of people around here have it much, much worse in the flooding department this year), but enough that our only option was to pull up the carpet and borrow about 14 enormous fans to try to dry everything out.

Guess what smells worse than wet carpet? You might think "a gassy dog" or "dairy farms" or "burnt coffee cake batter" (don't ask), and those things are very, ah, aromatically disturbing. But the answer I'm looking for is actually "very very wet carpet." Bingo. I know this first-hand. Look into my tired, bloodshot eyes and see my wrinkled nose and believe.

Sighhhh... Our house flooded big-time two years ago while we were on vacation, and my husband and I have since had a knee-jerk aversion to water. This recent indoor swimming pool brings back all sorts of memories.

You know, sometimes we come to a crossroads in life, where the decision made will affect the rest of our lives. This is one of them: from here on out, I'll hydrate my children, and lawn, with hand-poured teaspoonfuls of gatorade. If you need me, I'll be out front, watering our square foot of grass.

Happy Thursday...?

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