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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

when i'm an old woman, i will wear purple...and prolly some teal, too.

 shoes & headband: forever21. shorts: gap (modified and improved upon over the years). shirt & sash: gap. bracelets: hawaii & burntsiena designs. earrings: hawaii.

"Hang in there, Mom." This was said to me by a 70-year-old woman as she politely sidestepped my screaming toddler who was making herself comfortable and, shall we say, universally audible on the store's entry rug. The tantrum was understandable and totally justified, of course. They all are. I do horrible things like make her wear shoes in public and not let her shoplift candy.

That being said...I can't always blame her. Sometimes I feel like throwing myself onto the ground, too, and flailing my appendages and screaming until someone hands me a bag of m&ms and carries me to the car to go home and take a nap.

Mmmmm. A nap...

ANYwho. This is what I'm wearing today. Channeling my inner '80s upbringing via purple (shirt), teal (jewelry), and white (legs). Because it's never too late to bring back Mr. Roboto.

Happy Wednesday.

p.s. For those of who who've wondered about my jumping shots...they're not all glorious (although they all apparently do share the same facial expression). Today's took 3 attempts to get it right. Here. Because I love you. More than my dignity, apparently...

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