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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

singin' (and wearin') the blues

 shoes: converse brand. skirt: american eagle outfitters. shirt: vintage/gift. belt: forever21. bracelets: don't recall. earrings: gift/homemade.

 I'm super grumpy today, guys. My poor children. I thought that throwing on a pair of Chucks would help, and it did, for sure. Meaning that everyone's still alive, and I'm keeping my voice pleasantly neutral 87% of the time, despite my wanting to yell and/or lock myself in my room all day and let the forces that be...be. Like the force of milk spilling out of the carton alllllllll over the floor. And the force of polly pockets being flown at siblings' heads. And the force of toy box after toy box being dumped out everywhere.

So. Here's what I wore. It's nothing out-of-control inspirational. But it's cool. And it's comfy. And it's not a full-length spandex bodysuit in color: nude, like what I spied a team of female runners wearing for a recent race. So, I figure, that's 3 points in the black. Booyah.

Happy Wednesday.

Want this look (sans grumps of course)? Click below...

1 comment:

Kelsie said...

Very cute outfit!

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