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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unexpected & Maybe Awesome Guest Post Series: Selina from Sisters 4 Say More is More

hey lovlies! i am Selina from Sisters 4 say MORE is more...  we were super excited when Brittney asked us to talk a little bit about unexpected and maybe awesome outfit choices... its kind of our favorite topic {well, shoes, are probably our FAVORITE...}

Sophie and i were talking on the phone one day {ok everyday...} and she told me that she couldn't think of a thing to go with this adorable floral skirt she had just made, so in all my infinite oldest sister style wisdom i said to her "just pretend its a neutral, or even denim... now what would you pair with it?" honestly, i have no idea why i said that, it just came out of my mouth! But Sophie and i decided to apply that little blurt... and found that in fact it was a great way to style, pretty much anything!
printed dress as top + striped skirt + orange lipstick....

Striped crop top + baby doll dress...

striped cardi + printed dress + acid wash jeans

mustard jacket + green silky blouse + leapard print skirt + neon yellow nails

unexpected always has a better chance at being awesome than expected... odds are that you will probably come up with one or two doofus outfits along the way {trust me, we certainly have... just ask our husbands...} but you wont be bored with your closet!  maybe you will even pull out some of that stuff you have crammed in the back and try to make an unexpected and maybe awesome outfit out of it and magically double your wardrobe! 

we also love to turn unexpected thrifted crap into awesome magical things...

its the most fun when the item we find is super ugly... ;)

thanks for having us Brittney! we love your blog and i personally laugh my tush off everytime i read it!

~Selina {sis #1}

[Thanks, Selina! I love this post--your creativity and personal style are definitely awesome and totally inspiring. Everyone go check out (and follow, if you're not already) their blog!]

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