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Monday, August 15, 2011

larger than life

 shoes: converse brand. leggings: old navy. skirt: thrifted & modified. shirt: gap. watch: target. bracelets: forever21.

So our across-the-street neighbors had a yard sale on Saturday because they're moving. I got a set of jumper cables for $2, which I'm appreciative of, but beyond that I'm pretty mad at them.* 
[*Neighbs, if you're reading this, know I'm not really mad at you. Just, y'know, at the situation.]

My kids really really wanted to go to their yard sale after my jumper cable purchase, so they all got themselves dressed and their chores done (a prerequisite for such an excursion), and my daughter found her wallet in which all three kids' collective earnings were stored. I stayed in the kitchen doing the dishes, leaving the front door open and my ears hearing this:

[nothing for a while, then my son's adorable voice explaining] "Yeah, but we only have a five-dollar and two one-dollars, so I guess we can't buy it."
[muffled voices heard over my sigh of relief that more stuff was not going to be accumulated as a result of this venture]
[relative silence for about 3 minutes]
[kids enter the house; girls are squealing, son is grunting as he plops THIS in the entryway]:
I'm less than thrilled about it. The thing's enormous. The kids couldn't be more proud of themselves. (Their grampa's proud of their "wheelin-and-dealin," but their grampa doesn't have a life-size stuffed animal in his house, either. So.)

If you need me, I'll be smashing down walls for an extension to fit the new guy. Or dropping one of the kiddos off in a basket on the neighbor's porch. One of the two; I haven't decided.

Happy Monday.

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1 comment:

Jilliebeanie said...

Bahahahaha! Your kids are awesome! That teddy bear is AHMAZING!

Sure, he's a little large...let's just be glad that he went to a good home... :)

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