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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey peeps,

So I got my hairs cut today. I love it. It's short. I have no makeup on right now, though, and even though our e-lationship has progressed to the point that you know about my lost toenail and my lack of flossing habits and love me anyway (right guys?...guys?...mom?...), I don't think I'm ready to cross the bridge of sharing my total makeup-less photos.

Mostly because I have a coupla big zits in prominent places. Otherwise, I'd be all over it. Maybe.

Regardless, I'll get dressed tomorrow and photo it up. See what you all think. To give you a hint of the cut style, it's kiiiiind of comparable to this (minus the color...and Ms. Stroup's ridiculous facial beauty), from clashingtime.blogspot.com.

So. Happy Thursday! I'm off to feel the wind beneath my...head. On my neck. Wow, THAT little lyric change never would've made it off the ground.

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